Old dogs can and should
learn new tricks.

Yolanda was born in Chicago. She began her studies at Columbia College in Chicago as a journalism major and a musical theater minor where she was mentored by the Broadway Director Sheldon Patinkin, a co-founder of Second City. In 2010 Tay’me went back to school and in 2014, she graduated from Cal State Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition. In 2014, she also received a certificate in Alternative Nutrition. In 2015, she completed her education with a certificate in Community Nutrition focusing on Seniors, and the disabled population.

For the first twenty years of her working life, Yolanda renamed Tay’me by a friend which means calming storm, concentrated her energies on her performing career. Playing feature roles in network television shows and on the big screen. She also wrote and performed original songs that were used on television and that she wove into a one women cabaret show that drew much critical acclaim.

Declared legally blind, Tay’me has never let her condition stop her. Her numerous charitable and volunteer works have resulted in her being twice recognized by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, with an award for Outstanding Volunteer work. Among the many charities Tay’me has donated her time to are: The Fred Jordan Mission, Aid for Aids, and most recently the Malibu Senior Center, Esperance in Malibu and World Harvest and the Jackie Robinson Center in Pasadena, California.

All of this brings us to 2015, where Tay’me has originated a Karaoke event at the Malibu Senior Center. This event brings together professionals in the music industry with seniors in Malibu for an afternoon of song and joy. Once a month this event is combined with a potluck lunch. Tay’me also teaches alternative nutrition and heart health to the seniors in Malibu.

Tay’me’s philosophy is simple, “Old dogs can and should learn new tricks.” Whether it’s taking on the challenge of playing new roles and writing new songs or bringing healthy living to the seniors of Malibu, Tay’me wants to bring joy and enlightenment to all she meets by combining alternative nutrition with music therapy.